ICIMCIS 2021 will be held virtually.

General Instruction for Pre-Recorded Presentation Video

Please download the presentation template below:


Please use this zoom background for the conference:


  1. General Presentation Flow consists of 13 -15 slides, including these following slides:
    1. 1 slide: Title, Authors and Affiliation
    2. 1 slide: Outline of the Presentation
    3. 2 – 3 slides: Introduction/Background/Literature/Motivation/Problem statement/ Challenge
    4. 4 – 5 slides: Details of proposed work/ Methodology (Theory/ simulation/ experiment)
    5. 3 – 4 slides: Results/Comparison/Analysis/Recommendation
    6. 1 slide: Conclusion
    7. 1 slide: Thanks or Q/A slide
    8. You may add backup slides, if desired
  1. For better contrast of the presentation, please select carefully the font colors for clear visualization. The authors will be better using dark color line/text on a light background (e.g. Black, Blue, Red on white background) and avoid Yellow, grey, cyan or any other low contrast color on white background. Please avoid slow transition of slide/ graphics/ special effects or annoying transition/sound effects.
  2. Every Presentation file should be pre-screened by the TPC and then the final version of the presentation will be uploaded. Hence, authors are requested to submit the presentation and pre-recorded video to TPC no later than October 25th, 2021. Please submit/drop the video to this link: with format file name: PaperID-Firstname
  3. The possible ways of recording could be conducted by:
    1. Record Using MS Powerpoint
    2. Record Using Zoom
    3. Other recorders
  4. The duration of the pre-recorded video should be 10-15 minutes.
  5. The authors may check the following online tutorials:
  6. If there are some questions for recording the presentation video, please feel free to contact the committee.

General Instructions during the Conference

  1. The committee chose Zoom platform as the primary platform for managing the ICIMCIS 2021 Fully Virtual Conference. For alternate platforms, if needed in emergence, please check the conference website and your email .
  2. If you already have a Zoom account/after creating the Zoom account, please edit your Zoom display name in the following format:
    1. If you are a registered author/co-author presenting your paper, please use this format:
      Paper ID LastName (Institution, Country) e.g. 1234 Krisnanik (UPNVJ, Indonesia)
    2. If you are not a registered author/co-author, please use this format:
      FirstName LastName (Institution, Country) e.g. Erly Krisnanik (UPNVJ, Indonesia)
  3. The conference will be held in One Virtual Room only so that you do not need to change the rooms during the conference. You should enter the virtual room using the given Room Link, Meeting ID, and Password (would be sent to email later). You are requested not to share meeting details with anyone else.
  4. Upon entering the room, the registered author must report to the room host in the Zoom chat-box confirming his/her presence with paper ID, name, affiliation, and email address.
  5. Please keep your microphone muted and turn off the video when you are not presenting.
  6. Each session will be started and ended by a photo session, so please turn on your video during this session (host will guide you).
  7. The session chair will introduce the authors and the presenter. The host will then play the pre-recorded presentation video as per the conference schedule. At the end of the presentation, the session will be open for Question and Answer (QnA).
  8. The registered author of the paper must be present in his/her registered paper session. Otherwise, the paper (pre-recorded video) will not be presented in the session and be considered as NO SHOW. Please see the IEEE Policy on handling Non-presented Papers.
  9. Please check the Chat-box on a regular basis where participants or other authors may post questions for you. You are most welcome to provide answers to those questions in the Chat-box. If you have any questions for other presenters in a session, please use the Chat-box and ask questions. In the Chat-box if you ask any question or reply to any question, please write your name, email name and paper ID.
  10. The presenter is expected to answer the queries of the participants and session chair/co-chair directly.
  11. If you cannot get enough time to answer all the questions, the host will help you to send the questions appeared in the Chat-box to your email address and you are expected to provide answers immediately during the conference to those questions.
  12. Please check with the Session Host with your audio/video quality prior to the session. If you want to play something or share something, please inform prior to the session and make sure the material is running properly.
  13. Conference proceedings will be available to registered authors via a password protected link. The password will be sent to you on 18th November just before starting the conference. Please do not share that password.

If you have any questions regarding this conference, please join this Whatsapp Group:

Presenter’s Helpdesk (If you are presenter for the paper):